Begin your holiday without stress. Enjoy the comfort on board of a ferry to Gothenburg or Oslo.

What ever you choose as means of transportation, Funäsdalen is not far away!

If you go by car, you can choose to drive via Sveg. If you are coming from Norway via the town of Röros.

There are busses called the Härjedalingen leaving from Stockholm, Uppsala, or Gävle, year around. For more information please call:
Molins bussar 0680-605 80 or 08-6578985

You can also take the train to the towns of Ljusdal or Östersund, and then connect with the local bus companies. Please advice the ticket agent of your final destination, as the bus will then be included in the price of the train ticket.

By air you will either travel to Östersund, Sveg or Röros in Norway. It will take you about 3 hours to get here from Arlanda (Stockholm) airport to Röros.

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